Sunday, April 24, 2011

He is Risen Indeed! A Cross Cultural Ostern / Easter

"Now he is talking about how fear and hope meet at the cross... now he is talking about...."
This was how we experienced our Easter service this morning at the Evangeliumsgemeinde here in Vienna.  It is day 10 of our vision trip and we were very glad to share an Easter breakfast, baby dedication, and Easter service with this community of believers.

We enjoyed a European breakfast (all different kinds of bread, cold cuts, ham, really nice bologna, all kinds of cheeses, hard boiled eggs, a few kinds of cereal, and some amazing jam and sweet bread!) and all sat around tables and talked.  The food was amazing and the conversation was good as well.  We tried in limited German to say who we were and where we were from.

Most often we either had someone that could help to cross the language barrier or the people we were talking with spoke some English.  It is great to see the fellowship times, that often last as long (and are as important) as the formal service.

We also got to see a baby dedication with many family members of the couple there.

While we miss our families, we know that God is leading us towards Himself.  It continues to stir my heart to hear men and women lifting their voices in other tongues to the Lord.

Along with all of this celebration, I am reminded of the need here.  Easter is a time that many people go to church, often those that don't have any communion with the God of the universe.  Seeing this gathering and realizing that there are so many others that need to hear about the transforming work of God in His gospel, we are further convinced that we are following God's leading to be a witness of the gospel in Austria.  Many Austrians know about God, but few have a personal relationship with him.

 What impacted you from the Easter celebration that you attended?