Saturday, August 18, 2018

Looking Back on Summer 2018

Time for a video update! Here's a look back at our summer adventure:

Heading Home

As always, it is with mixed emotions that we prepare for our journey back to Austria on Monday. We are very excited and eager to return to our home, our community, our dog and our routine. We have missed Austria a lot this summer, and we anticipate a sweet reunion with many friends there. On the other hand, though, we have had a wonderful summer with friends and family here, and we will miss these people so much.  It has been a special time, with a refreshing break from our daily routine (even when this "break" was very busy!).  No matter where we are, whether in Austria or in the U.S., our heart is always aching for people on the other side of the ocean. We are always missing someone somewhere!

We are so thankful for God's provision this summer, and we look back on the last two months very fondly. We made some wonderful memories that we will cherish! We head back Monday on an overnight direct flight from New York to Vienna. Please pray that we all sleep at least a little and for a smooth transition back to home and ministry in Austria. 

Here are a few more photo highlights from the last few weeks:

Enjoying beach time and lobster rolls in CT

The "great American playground tour" continues!

Ellie and Aunt Crista

Ellie seeing Uncle John call the horse races at Yonkers Raceway

Cousin Tyler and Ellie at Silverman's Farm


A Girls' overnight with Bethany, her mom and her sister

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

What God Has Been Doing This Summer

We have been on a whirlwind adventure this summer, travelling across the U.S. on a 2-month home assignment, visiting friends, family and supporters, connecting with churches, and sharing about Austria. Wow - God has been doing amazing things! Here are a few highlights from recent weeks:

  • God has provided enough donations for us to pay off our car loan IN FULL!
  • God has provided enough donations IN ADDITION that we met our goal for the summer and will return to Austria in a better position financially!
  • God has provided the funds for a new guitar!
  • God has blessed us with many new monthly supporters and our need is now down to $240/month.
  • God has lavishly blessed us with many homes to stay in, many delicious meals and lots of special times connecting with people.
  • God has given Nate the opportunity to preach a powerful message from John 4 four times. (After hearing the sermon all 4 times, God's words have really sunk in for me!)
  • God has allowed us some times to connect with our family, whom we don't get to see very often. Those times have been very special.
  • God has reminded us of all the wonderful friendships we have here in the States, as we've reconnected with many dear friends during our trip.
  • God provided a vehicle to use this summer and has kept us safe through many trips on the road.
Wow! We have been blown away by His provision through His people. A special thanks to all those who have been a part of this blessing this summer. We are humbled by all of this, and through it, God is reminding us of how much He loves us and how He provides for our needs.

Here are some photos highlights from the last month of our travels!

Nate preaching at Cornerstone Church in MN

Sunbathing with friends in WI

Picnicking with friends in Chicago

Reuniting with our Interns from 2016!

Sharing with friends and supporters in Winfield, IL

Visiting Wheaton College

Sharing with friends and supporters in Wheaton, IL

Meeting up with Bethany's Aunt in Chicago
Sharing in Warren, OH at Champion Presbyterian Church

Ellie and Ellie (Bethany's cousin's daughter)

Nate preaching at Stanwood Church in Navarre, OH

Hanging out with friends in OH