Sunday, May 10, 2009

My First Trifle

Today, I made my first trifle dessert using one of the fun, new kitchen items we were given as a wedding present from our bridal registry - a trifle dish (kudos to Suz for purchasing it for us...she's been known to make a mean trifle herself). It has been fun over the last few months and weeks to explore many new kitchen items and dishes, including cooking Asian food with our wok, forming turkey burgers with our burger press, making homemade pizza dough in our food processor, grinding hummus in our Magic bullet, baking with the Kitchenaid Mixer, and, as of tonight, creating paella in our paella pan.

I suppose making all of these things for the first time are just some of our firsts as a married the last few weeks, we've woken up beside each other, shared living space, attended church and social functions being labeles as married, and enjoyed being able to call each other husband and wife, all for the first time. All of these firsts have an excitement and freshness to them, as we lay the groundwork and begin a journey that will last a lifetime. I hope and pray that as we move forward on that journey, we continue to look at each new day and step together with the same excitement and eagerness that we feel now.