Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's Not You...It's Me

Oh, the classic break-up line... "It's not you. It's me". So well intended, but so overused. But this week, those words have taken on an entirely new meaning for me.

While on retreat with our WorldVenture team in Grundlsee, Austria, we watched the video of a sermon by Louie Giglio (here is the beginning of it) about how INDESCRIBABLE God is, as displayed in His magnificent creation. The universe and all that is in it - the moon, stars, planets, galaxies - are SO much bigger than we can comprehend! If our creator made them, He is clearly magnificantly indescribable!

The same day we watched this message, I was later listening to this sermon by Matt Chandler from Habakkuk. At one point in the sermon, he talks about how BIG God is and how SMALL we are. Do you see the pattern here?

Through these two messages, God has been reminding me this week that He is so big and I am so small. This is not leading me to get down on myself for my insigificance, but to rejoice in the fact that no task is too insurmountable for God. He made the heavens and the earth - how much more is He able to use me for His purposes, despite my failings! How much more is He able to provide for the financial needs of our ministry, that at times seem overwhelming. And how much more is He able to shine light in the darkness of Austria, where there are so many lost and hurting people.

In the end, any ministry that is accomplished through us in Austria or any provision that occurs to enable that ministry is not because of my gifts, efforts, talents, abilities, or personality. It is all from God. He is the creator and the source.

So basically, God is saying... "It's not about you. It's about ME!"