Monday, May 2, 2011

Vision Trip Recap

We're home, safe and sound! We arrived back in Chicago Thursday night and since, have been reflecting on how valuable and educational our two week trip to Austria was. We learned and absorbed so much about the Austrian culture, church dynamics, our WorldVenture team, and ministry opportunities. The trip deepened our passion for serving in Austria and gave us many stories to share with friends and family here. We're so thankful for the opportunity we had to visit. Thanks to so many of you for helping to make the trip possible and praying for our time there!

We are still sorting through all of our photos and video from the trip. Over the next few months, we will be blogging and sharing about what we learned during our visit. For now, here are some highlights...

Our first 5 days in Austria were spent on a retreat with the WorldVenture teams from Germany, Austria and Slovenia. It was a great time of developing relationships, discussing ministry, and learning about missionary life.
We met with the leadership of an Austrian evangelical church association called the BEG. We will likely be partnering with the BEG in church planting projects in the future.
We visited the site of a future building and development project east of the city called aspern seeschtadt. By 2028, this area will house 20,000 people. When the first 5,000 move in 4 years from now, the BEG envisions planting a church and sharing the gospel in this new community. We hope to be a part of this project!

Caro, a friend from church, took us climbing in Modling. We enjoyed getting to know her and hearing about her experiences in an evangelical church in Austria.

Celebrating Christ's resurrection Easter Sunday morning.

We learned a lot about the Catholic church in Austria and the challenges it is facing today. Many Austrians are cultural Catholics, but do not know Jesus Christ personally. We are passionate about giving more Austrians access to the gospel!

Walking the grounds of Schonbrunn Palace with a WorldVenture teammate. Thank you, Greta, for taking photos of us!

We helped set-up and participate in a Passover Seder service at the Evangeliumsgemeinde (our team leaders' church). We enjoyed meeting church members and reflecting on Christ as the passover lamb.

Making new friends at church on Easter!

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