Sunday, March 4, 2012

Celebrating our third milestone!

It's that time again...
           we've hit another milestone!

Just yesterday, we received verbal commitments of support that have brought us to 75%!

As we reflect back on the journey thus far, it is truly incredible how God has provided and carried us to this point, 3/4 of the way to our total monthly support goal. When we first saw the numbers a year ago and realized the task ahead, it was difficult to imagine how God would get us there. But sure enough, He is faithful and He is working. There are days when we doubt and struggle, when we forget that God is in control and worry about where the funds will come from. There are days when we think, "Are we going to run out of contacts? How will this be possible?" But God is patience and gracious to us, and He reminds us who He is through His encouragement and provision. We are so blessed and humbled.

Thank you to so, so many of you who have helped us get there, whether that has been through financial commitments, prayer, or practical provision in our lives. We have a great team surrounding us, and God is using you to be his tangible presence and provision in our ministry. THANK YOU!

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