Sunday, October 29, 2023

Grand Opening!

After 10 months in our new church building, we were finally done with nearly all renovations and ready to host a grand opening celebration. Although we'd been having church services there since early March, it still felt like a construction site for quite awhile. This fall, the timing was right to turn our focus outward and have a kick-off celebration, launching more outreach ministries and getting the word out more around the community about our new church. 

We kicked off the weekend with a VIP Program, inviting local and political leaders and sharing with them about the free church denomination and what our church is all about. It was very successful in making some important connections which could lead to some unique ministry opportunities in the future. Our goal of helping outsiders understand who we are and why we are there was definitely accomplished and the program was well-attended.

Immediately following the VIP Program, we had a 2-hour open house celebration. We had hoped to draw from the surrounding community for this event, but most visitors were those invited personally from someone in the church. This is typical for the culture here and something we understand. (We hope to try out other creative ideas in the future to make more local connections.) The event was still well-attended and we were very thankful for those who came and got to know us a bit better.

On Sunday morning, we had a celebratory church service. We invited local church leaders and other denominational guests, as well as friends and contacts in the area who might be interested in attending a church service (a different audience from Friday, for the most part). This was also very well attended and it was moving to look back on what God has done in the church since our launch 2 years ago and to celebrate has provided for us. We had a meal together afterwards and that was a wonderful community time. 

Overall, we continue to be astounded at what God has made possible at Crosslight and are feeling excited and encouraged about the future! It has certainly been a marathon rather than a sprint and will continue to be, but God is faithful to move and work!

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