Wednesday, March 20, 2013

We're still here!

We usually try not to go this long in between blog posts, so we want to reassure you - we're still here! Our apartment in Vienna does not have internet yet (we think we'll receive the equipment in the next few days), so it has been hard to keep up with all things electronic.

We arrived in Vienna last Wednesday and hit the ground running...
  • Visited IKEA and another large furniture store on Thursday
  • Got the keys to our apartment on Friday. Then went to IKEA and ordered all of our furniture, (yes, ALL!)
  • Painted the apartment on Saturday
  • Went to church and cleaned up a bit Sunday. Then moved our stuff over to the apartment and started sleeping there! (And found out the heat wasn't working yet...)
  • Monday morning, our furniture was delivered. And the heater was fixed.
And this has been our life ever since...

We took today as a rest day and are spending time at a friends' house where we can use the internet (they are out of town). It's has been glorious. We really needed to rest and get away from the chaos of our apartment.

Tomorrow, we are back at it!

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