Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Place to Call Home

We officially have a place to call home!

Two weeks ago, we flew to Vienna to pick up our visas. And just to use our time well, we decided to visit some apartments while we were there. I tend to be ambitious, so I set up 8 apartment showings in 2 days (crazy!). We went in with low expectations, because many friends advised us that it takes awhile to find the right place.
Meeting with the "Makler" (real estate agent) in our new living room.
So when we walked into the apartment on Breitenfelder Gasse in the 8th district, we were surprised by how much we liked it! It fit within our budget, was a reasonable size, and had all of the important features we were hoping for. For instance, hospitality and cooking are an important part of our life, so we were hoping for a good-sized kitchen. This one is not huge, but it has enough space for us to add extra storage and workspace. We also liked the layout, with an open living room/dining room and a separate hallway for the bedrooms. We knew we'd be working from home, so we needed an office and were hoping for a guest room. We also really like the neighborhood, with easy access to public transportation and a short ride to the 1st district (where language school is). There is a street nearby with good access to supermarkets and other basic shopping needs. Check, check, check! Everything on the list!

Last week, we put in an official offer and less than 24 hours later, it was accepted! We processed the real estate fees, set-up a date to pick up the keys, and it's done! Phew! We are so blown away by how this all continues to come together. I suppose God wants us there, right? 

The kitchen. We will install more counters and storage on the opposite two walls.
I've been dreaming for so long about the feeling we will have once we're settled in Austria. And as it gets closer, my excitement grows. We've spent the last week picking out furniture online (IKEA!) and laying it out in a 3D model of the apartment using Google Sketchup. It is so fun to dream about our home and know it will be coming to fruition soon.

We get the keys on March 15 and then spend 3 - 4 weeks painting walls, installing light fixtures and buying/assembling furniture. Then our container will arrive from the States early- to mid-April and we'll be ready to unpack it all and move-in!

A "loggia" (covered balcony) where we'll grow spices, dry clothes and eat meals outside.
Thank you for your diligent prayers that have brought us to this exciting point. We feel them and God has made the path clear for us. This apartment is another thing on the long list of answered prayers. But it is not the end - it marks the beginning of a lifetime of ministry in Austria where God will continue to answer prayers and show himself to be faithful!


  1. So exciting! Congratulations!!

  2. Beautiful! And nice fridge!

  3. Yes, we were excited to find a fridge that tall!

  4. Oh wow, God's provision indeed! We're so excited for you two! And do you know you're crazy close to Goldenes Kreuz, the private hospital where I'll deliver in June?! :) Only a couple blocks away! You will HAVE to be some of our first visitors!!!

  5. Yay - that's awesome! I didn't know that, but we will absolutely be stopping by!! :)


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