Saturday, March 2, 2013

Answered Prayers

Last week, we received an amazing email. A dedicated prayer warrior on our prayer team sent us a message that really blew us away, reminding us of all of the prayers that God has answered for us over these last 6 months. Reading over the list and being reminded of God's faithfulness was so encouraging! She pointed out that God has answered so many of our prayer requests and in such a timely fashion. Wow - what a blessing to be reminded of this and encouraged by it.

Some of the things on the list were...

  • Finding a buyer for our car in the States & getting everything ready to leave
  • Finding an apartment in Vienna in the fall
  • Adjustments to our new life & team in Vienna
  • Finding Nate's language partner
  • Passing our A1 language exam
  • Leading us to a "home" church
  • Leading us to our England internship
  • Getting an R&R place right near the visa office and having a GREAT place in line
  • The details for our stay in Litchfield
  • A GREAT language instructor in England
  • And now...the obvious favor from the Austrian gov't in the visa applications---even the "surprise of receiving them early"
And I'm sure there are many more that we are not remembering. Praise God! I write out this list not to boast, like we have some "special favor" with God. We don't. We give God all of the glory, and we feel very humbled and blessed that He has answered so many prayers. This is not our doing.

In the future, when ministry is challenging and we are especially prone to discouragement, I want to go back to this list. I want to remember that God has very clearly opened the door for us to be in Austria. When the enemy wants us to back out and run away, we will cling to God's provision and confirmation. This is where He wants us!

What memories of God's faithfulness and provision do you turn to when times are hard?

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