Saturday, October 13, 2012

Things we're getting used to...

 Sleeping in two twin beds pushed together. Lots of room, which is good, but we have separate blankets, which is not my favorite.

 Drying all of our clothes on drying racks. It's common here not to have a dryer. I miss it already, but it's also much better for our clothes to hang dry!

 No car! We are enjoying riding the public transportation system everywhere, but we have to get used to travel time being less predictable.

Sorting garbage. Above is our sorting system in the kitchen, with containers for biodegradable items, metal, glass, plastic, paper, and "the rest".
A small washing machine. Isn't it cute? It washes just a few shirts and pants at a time...


  1. Go ahead and stuff that washing machine full! :)

  2. we actually had issues with it wondering around our bathroom with too much in it. We are learning.


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