Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Quick Tour of our Apartment

Here is a quick tour of our apartment. The mirrors make it a bit confusing. We are excited to be here.


  1. Congrats on the new place! It's very exciting to watch your new adventure progress. God bless you both! -Katie (Thacher) Schnell

    Ps. Bethany, tell your mom I said "hi"!

  2. Looks great! Happy you guys made it ok.

  3. Hey Nate & Bethany,
    I really enjoyed seeing you guys at the Tans. My one regret is that we did not pray for you. I thought about chasing you down to pull over so we could pray but that seemed too weird. Know that you are in our prayers constantly. Our prayer is that you would fall in love with the people you are serving and that as a couple every challenge you face is fought together and that there is no strife or division that comes between you two or between you and your team. I pray that God would use you powerfully and take you to new heights of love and service. We look forward to visiting. =) Love you guys. Travis and Suzanne

  4. Hi Bethany & Nate, So happy to hear you arrived safe & sound! We praise God for that. Your new home looks very cozy and very up-to-date. We wish you God's best as you give Him the same. Take good care of each other. Love hearing from you.
    Dave & Kathie Thoma

  5. Blessings to you as you absorb all that God has for you! Isn't is wonderful to have God's family welcome you to your new community, and to know that through Christ there are no barriers!
    Your friends in Detroit Lakes Minnesota; Tim & Kim

  6. Thanks for all of the encouraging comments!
    Melissa - Thanks so much!!
    Travis - thanks so much for your prayers and your friendship. We miss you guys already and wish we were going to be there for all of the exciting things ahead of you. But it means a lot to know you are behind us.
    Dave & Kathie - Thanks so much for your support and prayers!
    Tim and Kim - Thanks for following along our journey since our visit to DL! Thank you for your prayers!

  7. Congrats. What a journey. And just think, about a year ago you were at the family reunion!

    Dave and Gail


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