Thursday, October 25, 2012

Exploring the City

We spent most of our first two weeks in Vienna running errands, buying household items, setting up cell know, life stuff. Then one night we were at a Bible study and someone asked us "have you enjoyed doing some of the touristy things here during your free time?". We hadn't! This week, we finally decided to take advantage of some of our free days before school starts Monday, and we began exploring our beautiful city. Here are some photos of the buildings, places and views we've seen...

In front of Karlskirche

Nate's favorite place - the cheese store at the market

Some intricate graffiti near our apartment, along the canal

Stephanskirche - a beautiful cathedral in the city center

The winter palace, with a historical excavation in front of it

The gardens of the Schonbrunn Palace

A panaramic photo of the Schonbrunn Gardens

The canal path near our apartment where we've been walking and exploring


  1. Great pics! What district do you live in?

  2. we are in the 20th near the canal and the Augarten

  3. Awesome! That's a great area! We live on the other side of the 20th, near the river!

  4. Not far from us! Hope we can get together soon.


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