Friday, May 21, 2021

Highlights from Ohio

 We are just wrapping up 2.5 weeks in Ohio. It's always special for us to be back here. My (Bethany's) grandparents lived in this area for decades and I still have two aunts and uncles and many cousins nearby. Because of having partner churches in the area, we always have a wonderful excuse to come back here and spend quality time with people we love. We are leaving very encouraged from our church visits and from many deep and edifying conversations with people here. 

Here are some photo highlights from these few weeks:

Maya and Ellie posing with some of their second cousins. They have had a fun few weeks together!

Meeting my aunt's gigantic dog, Oakley (he's a Poodle/St. Bernard mix)

Sharing with a Sunday School Class at Champion Presbyterian Church

Nate preaching at Champion Pres. This is the church my grandparents attended for decades before they passed. It is always special to see people there who loved them and remember them still so well.

Seeing close college friends while in Massillon, OH at Stanwood Community Church.

Ellie and Maya with our friends' youngest two. They had a blast together!

Sharing and singing at Stanwood Community Church.

Nate preaching a slightly longer version of his sermon about the wheat and the weeds.

Sharing on Sunday morning at Evangel Baptist Church.

Nate teaching Sunday School at Evangel Baptist.

Roasting marshmallows at my Aunt Gretchen's house (with giant dog, Oakley!)

A selfie with Aunt Maggie, our gracious host for our stay in Ohio!

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