Monday, December 31, 2012

Gearing Up for the Big Day!

As many of you know, January 2nd is an important day for us.  

It's the day we apply for our Austrian visas! 

We will begin waiting in line in front of the Visa office on January 1st (tomorrow) in anticipation of submitting our visa applications the moment the office opens for 2013. We anticipate being outside on the street for at least 18 hours. It is crucial that we are one of the first 60 people to get in line, and that is why we are willing to wait outside for so long. We must get a good spot in line in order to stay in Austria!

We are gearing up for our "big night" with some important supplies...

Over 100 pages ready to submit as our complete visa application!

 A full bag of snacks and goodies!

Hand warmers - a "must" (for me, at least...Nate is a furnace!)

Four sleeping bags and 2 camping chairs, borrowed from teammates

Thick socks and warm clothes
I'm ready to jump in and begin this crazy on-the-street adventure!

If you think of it, please pray for us during this time (We will be waiting to apply from approximately 8am ET on January 1 to 2am ET on January 2): 
  • Pray for stamina as we wait outside overnight
  • Pray that we would line up early enough to be two of the first 60 people to submit applications
  • Pray for favor in the eyes of the Austrian government
  • Pray that we would receive our visas in a timely fashion, at least by the end of June. Pray that we would be surprised by receiving them early!
 P.S. If you're reading this and you live in Vienna, come visit us! The office address is Dresdner Straße 93, 1200 Wien.  

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