Monday, September 3, 2012

The Last Year of My Twenties

In 2011 when my birthday rolled around, I thought it would be my last birthday in the States for awhile. Although I was wrong about that, I'm so thankful that God has opened the door for us to depart for Austria soon. Buying tickets for Vienna was an early birthday present!

Nate and I celebrated my 29th birthday last Wednesday, a few days early. (On my actual birthday, we had to drive 15 hours to Connecticut, so Wednesday was a much better day to celebrate!) Here is our birthday adventure in pictures...

Crepes for breakfast from Chef Nate.

Nate bought me my first pair of Toms shoes!

We had lunch downtown at RJ Grunts - delicious burgers!

A cute owl at the Lincoln Park Zoo.
Beavers - they were so cute!

I'm bonding with my new friend.



The Meerkats look right at you!

Nate's favorite animal - the River Otter.

A huge tiger


Gourmet cupcakes :)

Dinner Menu from Volare - a delicious Italian meal...also where we dined after we got engaged!