Friday, September 7, 2012

One Month from Today

One month from today, fall will be in full swing. Pumpkin lattes will be everywhere. We will be thinking about apple picking, bonfires, and getting winter clothes out of storage. The fall air will be crisp and clean. We will be able to wear sweatshirts with out feeling uncomfortable and sticky. In a month, the school year will be well underway, with students collecting leaves for biology assignments and writing essays about great works of literature. The dog days of summer will be gone.

One month from today, something else will be happening. We will get on a plane and move to Austria. This is honestly a pretty surreal thought. This is something we have prayed about and looked forward to for a very long time. This month will be a season of lasts as we say goodbye to dear people and look forward into a great unknown. It feels like we are standing close to the edge of something great and marvelous, but at this same time, it feels like a normal Friday.

The last year and a half has been a lot of fun, but it has also been very hard. We have been back and forth across the country, staying in guest rooms and our friends' basements. To think that we are only a month away from leaving is a heavy feeling. We continue to face into the things that we are giving up as we move across the ocean. We know that He has a plan, but it is hard to say goodbye.

So when you are picking pumpkins up at the grocery store or baking an apple pie, remember us in prayer. And thank you to everyone that has walked with us through all of this. You are truly dear to us and we cherish the time we have with each of you as we prepare to go. On October 7th, we will be able to say, "look what God did working through his people."

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