Friday, December 30, 2011

Looking Back: Our Top Blog Posts of 2011

It's just about time to ring in the new year! And what better way to do so than to look back on our year of blogging.

As you flip through the cable channels in late December, it's easy to spend most of the day watching "Top ___ of 2011" specials. Who wouldn't want to laugh through the top 100 sports bloopers of the year or revel at the funniest commercial of 2011?

Well, we'd like to follow suit. So here are our top blog posts from 2011:

8. Video Blog: 2011 Christmas Update
7. A Ministry Opportunity - Aspern Seestadt
6. Why Do Americans Act Like That?
5. Fund-raising as Ministry
4. Video Blog:  Austria Bound
3. Video Blog: Wrapping Up 2 weeks in Austria
2. Thoughtful, Funny and Surprisingly Christian
1. What Color is Your Underwear?

No surprises with the number one... we knew the provocative title would pull people in!

Happy New Year!

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