Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Photo Blog: Our 2011 Holidays

Every year, the holiday season seems to fly by so quickly! It is amazing to me to think that it is already 2012. We've been raising support for Austria for almost 1 year already, I quit my full-time job nearly 1 year ago, and THIS YEAR will likely be the year we depart for the mission field. Wow! 2012 will be an important and special year.

But before I completely leave 2011 behind, here are some photos highlights from our 2011 Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Thanksgiving in Connecticut
The kids work on making a turkey...made out of fruit and vegetables! So cute.

Kylie and Meg

Posing in front of the Statue of Liberty during our trip downtown.

"Big Nate" and "Little Nate" riding the ferry

Getting ready to ride the train.

Aunt Bethany, hanging out with the girls on the train

Our gift to Erik & Amy this year was a family photo shoot. Here is one of the best shots!

Christmas in Minnesota

Nate went ice climbing with his two brothers one day.

A group photo of us, visiting "A Day in the Life of an Elf" at the downtown Macy's.

Playing games at Aunt Diane's house.

Dad and Neil are excited about the ornaments they received in the ornament exchange!

Grandma, with all of her grandkids and great-grandkids.