Sunday, August 21, 2011

Adventures in the blago-sphere

As Nate and I have increased our own blogging, I have developed a new found interest in reading and following other blogs. Reading blog posts has provided an interesting source of entertaining, thought-provoking and challenging reading material for me. It also offers a fun way to stay connected to friends and family far from us who enjoy the written medium as much as we do.

I use google reader to keep track of the blogs I follow. It pulls all recent posts from the blogs of my choosing into one convenient place for me to read. My google reader feed has lots of variety in it, so I can choose content to suit my mood!  Here is a sampling of the blogs I'm currently enjoying...

Nate recommended I check this one out (since he used to work at Christianity Today), and I'm so glad he did. The post topics are varied and the content is always challenging, biblical and relevant.

the longest shortest time
I stumbled on this while listening to The Story podcast. Reading honest, raw and informative blog posts about early parenthood has helped me relate to my many friends who are becoming first-time parents, as well as hopefully prepare me for our future adventures in parenthood!

healthy food for living
I love cooking, and I love eating healthy. I learned a few years ago that when I eat well, I feel blogs like this one provide great ideas on healthy  recipes that taste delicious but are also good for you!

5 hunters
Many of the missionaries we met when we visited Vienna have blogs they maintain about life and ministry in Austria. Stacey Hunter's is my favorite. Brad and Stacey planted a great international church in Vienna, but Stacey's blog chronicles family life as well as ministry. She's an excellent photographer and her blog helps me envision what our future life may look like in Vienna!

my baking addiction
I love to bake, and when I do, I am often inspired by this baking blog. Her writing and photography are just as amazing as her baked creations!

Note: These endorsements are completely my opinion and I am not being compensated, bribed or coersed into giving any of them! Just thought I should mention that.

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