Tuesday, August 16, 2011

We Did Not Know!

During our Vision Trip to Austria in April, we spent time with Dougg and LeAnn Custer. The Custers are WorldVenture missionaries who serve as International Ministry Directors, overseeing all WorldVenture workers in Europe and the Middle East. Before their current role, they were church planters in Austria for many years and in some ways, their heart is still there!

Last May, Dougg Custer attended the Global Missions Consultation in Tokyo, Japan.  This meeting was a part of the centennial celebration of the Edinburgh Missionary Conference in 1910.  The history of these global conferences is an amazing story of God's working through the modern missions movement.

Here is a powerful story Dougg shared with us from his time in Tokyo.

Special thanks to www.Tokyo2010.org for the images and video from the conference.