Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Why I'm Thankful for One Smooth Stone...

Today was my last official day of full-time employment at One Smooth Stone. Wow! When I started here back on May 2, 2005, I never would have imagined how much of an impact this place would have on my life and who I have become as a person. I'm so thankful for every person and each experience I've had over these last 6 years.

Here are the top 10 reasons why I am thankful for One Smooth Stone
(Dave Letterman style…please insert drum rolls and breaking glass sound effects at your own discretion):

I’m thankful for…

10. The delicious (and sometimes expensive) foods I’ve been able to try when out on events or at client dinners. I’ve discovered some of my favorite restaurants and foods because of this job!

9. The chance to travel all over the country and the world. Favorite places have included Switzerland, Puerto Rico, Bermuda, and Hawaii.

8. The ways I’ve become even more “type A” in my ability to plan things (didn’t think it was possible, huh?) and I can now manage a detailed project from start to finish.

7. Learning how to mentor and coach a new employee, which reinvigorated my love for counseling and mentorship and taught me about how to best guide and encourage someone on their journey

6. Financial provision for my life up to this point. Especially through the financial crisis, I’m thankful I’ve had a steady and dependable job to allow me to do everything else I do in life!

5. A challenging job that has pushed me out of my comfort zones and forced me to learn new skills.

4. The opportunity to take on leadership roles right out of college, which allowed me to discover news gifts and skills I didn’t know I had.

3. The experience I’ve gained as a communicator and marketer, which I now look forward to putting to use in our ministry.

2. Spending 6 years at a company that is built on a biblical foundation, where everyone treats each other with respect and where prayer and giving back is an integral part of the culture.

1. The lifelong friendships I have made with my co-workers, with whom I’ve endured fun times, late nights and memorable experiences. I'll miss you guys!

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