Sunday, May 23, 2010

Highlights of Grand Cayman

I am in the midst of an event I'm working on in Grand Cayman and wanted to post a few highlights. The weather is beautiful skies and fluffy white clouds. But it's about 100 degrees right now! So we're all sweatin' pretty intensely.

Today is welcome day. We built a structure on the sand down by the beach called "Ignite Island" and it's basicaully a living room on the sand, complete with carpet, TVs and furniture. Guests can grab a cocktail, check in for the conference and listen to a live band. It's been a hit so far!

Ignite Island from Bethany Johnson on Vimeo.

Grand Cayman 2 - The pool from Bethany Johnson on Vimeo.

Custom Flipbook from Bethany Johnson on Vimeo.

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