Friday, December 5, 2008

Thanksgiving Up North

We enjoyed a very jam-packed, fun-filled thanksgiving weekend with Nate's family and our friends up in Minnesota last weekend. It was a great 5 days of quality time with people we care about! Highlights included:
  • Lots of delicious food at Aunt Diane and Uncle Steve's house, along with a game of dominoes
  • A family trip to the Minnesota Zoo
  • A visit to the CnC Christmas party
  • Food and fun at Matt & Lizz Stendera's with Joe, Meg and Nikki
  • Eating dinner and playing Loaded Questions with Nate & Emily Manaen and Scott & Amy Whitmore
  • Decorating a tree and eating pie with the Minnesota Veermans
  • Sharing wedding details and updates with Nate's parents
  • Going to see the new bond flick, "Quantum of Solace"
Here are some photo highlights...

Steve masters the art of carving the turkey

Nate's brother, Evan, and his girlfriend, Anna

All of the grandkids (or future grandkids)

Anna shows her best side

A rousing game of mexican train dominoes

Posing in the shark exhibit at the Minnesota Zoo

The "awkward turtle"

Some kind of bear at the zoo that was adobably sleeping with his legs hanging straight down over a tree branch

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