Friday, June 10, 2016

Reflections: Our First Week Home

We are home! It has been a very busy but productive first week back in Austria. Being back here feels just as good as I was expecting. There is something about being back home that gives me a sense of peace and a feeling of being settled that I have missed so much over the last 7 months.

Although we didn't have long to get over jet lag and get settled before life picked up again, we at least had a few days to run errands, sleep and get organized. Some things we accomplished included:

  • Picking up Ellie's visa that I applied for back in January. All set!
  • Unpacking and finding spots for everything we acquired while we were in the U.S.
  • Sorting through our belonging at home and putting back all of our decor items that were moved while we were away
  • Buying groceries and stocking up on basic household products, like toiletries, paper towels, etc.
  • Planting our balcony garden with herbs
  • Planting our community garden plot
  • Getting lots of items ready for the interns, like binders of documents, cell phones and a gift basket
It was a busy busy few days, but we are all settled and back into the swing of things, with our interns here and Nate preparing for a sermon at the end of the month.

Here are a few photos from our travels and our first week back!

On the plane! We had a very smooth flight. Ellie enjoyed activities and then slept for about 4.5 hours.

We're here in Vienna! With so so many bags....

Planting and watering our balcony garden

Back at the dog park with Mozzy. We were so excited to be reunited!

Ellie decorating signs for our interns

Baby is 22 weeks! I had swollen ankles after the flight, but now things are back to normal. 

My helper planting our vegetables in our community garden plot (in a raised bed).

Visiting Schönbrunn Palace with our interns and seeing the roses.

Our interns are here!!

Nate got an immersion circulator for his birthday in March and has been so excited to try it out!

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