Sunday, February 14, 2016

Debrief Week

Every step of the way, it continues to be confirmed for us why we partnered with our missions organization, WorldVenture. The staff there care for us and our ministry deeply and continually offer us great support to continue serving on the mission field. We are so blessed.

We just finished up a week and a half training session at WorldVenture headquarters, where we debriefed from our first 3 years in Austria. We went through this training and debrief with two single women who also just finished their first term and then (3) older couples who have served for decades on the field. The variety of perspectives around the table was incredibly valuable, as we discussed what God did and taught us during our previous term of service.

In addition to group debrief sessions, we were also given time with professional counselors to discuss how we are doing in all areas - emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically, both individually and in our marriage. These sessions were incredibly valuable for us and we were given specific tasks and tools to use going forward.

Another important piece of our time there was having the chance to hear from and meet with various departments at WorldVenture - finance, medical, communications, etc. Each department supports our ministry and it was helpful to be able to ask questions and better learn how to make use of their services.

Each missionary or family shared an update with the WorldVenture staff, reminding them of the great work that their efforts back in Colorado support. We would not be able to serve without them and we want them to know how thankful we are!

It was an incredible restful time in CO. Outside of our meetings, we were able to rest and enjoy a quiet place to stay. We were very thankful for this respite before our busy travel starts up again!

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