Friday, January 18, 2013

New Teammates

We have been in Lichfield, England for a week already, and we're setting in well. Much of that is thanks to our new team members, Jeff and Sarah Fry. The Frys have welcomed us here, helping us learn our way around, lending us a car, and inviting us over to their house often for meals and fellowship time. It feels like we've known them for longer than just a week!

The Frys pastor a small church plant in Lichfield, and even in a short time, I feel like I've already learned a lot about what it looks like to live the life of a church planter, just from observing them. No matter the size of a church, things can be challenging and sometimes messy. We are all sinful, so church life is complicated! Their church has been going through a difficult season recently, and watching them handle it gracefully, wisely and biblically is teaching me a lot. I am confident we'll learn so much from them in our three months.

As much as we will learn from them, I can also see how God sent us to Lichfield to support and encourage the Frys. We've been able to pray with them and offer an outside perspective on some of the situations in the church, which they say has been really valuable. They've been doing ministry on their own for the last 8 years, so they are excited to have team members here to work with them. We are planning on helping with music in church and at bible studies (as soon as the guitar they have is repaired) and assist with teaching. We'll also be helping with logistics for Sunday evening services and a few special events. I'm excited to partner with them and support them, even if it is just temporarily.

When we were preparing to come here, I was feeling uncertain about what to expect. But God has really given me peace about being here and confidence about how He will use our time. I'm so thankful we serve a creative God who uses all things for good!

Our team posing at the movie theater, after a trip to see "Les Miserables" together

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