Friday, February 11, 2011

Perspectives in Missions

As part of my preparation for the mission field, I was asked to enroll in the Perspectives in Missions course. This 15-week class is offered all around the country and seeks to educate Christians about God's heart for missions and give them the tools to understand and be engaged in God's ministry around the world.

So far, I have attended 3 perspectives classes and each one has been different but wonderful! The speakers are drawn from a variety of backgrounds and places - missions organizations, college professors, church pastors and missionaries alike. Some focus on teaching and scripture, while others delve more into personal stories from around the globe. But the heart of it all has been that God desires for the nations to know His name and be saved!

If you haven't taken Perspectives and you would like to learn more about missions, I would encourage you to consider signing up for a course in your area. It will challenge your thinking and push you to consider your part in God's work globally.

Here is a sneak peek at what the classes are all about:
  1. The Living God is a Missionary God
  2. The Story of His Glory
  3. Your Kingdom Come
  4. Mandate for the Nations
  5. Unleashing the Gospel
  6. The Expansion of the World Christian Movement
  7. Eras of Mission History
  8. Pioneers of the World Christian Movement
  9. The Task Remaining
  10. How Shall They Hear?
  11. Building Bridges of Love
  12. Christian Community Development
  13. The Spontaneous Multiplication of Churches
  14. Pioneer Church Planting
  15. World Christian Partnership
Check it out!

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