Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas in Atlanta

We had a great 4 days celebration Christmas in Atlanta. We already shared some of the photos from our climbing adventure with the kids, but here are a few more highlights from our time with my family at my brother's house.

My niece, Meg, really enjoys crafts (as do I). We bought her a friendship bracelet making kit for Christmas that I spend awhile figuring out how to do and then we sat and worked on crafts together (her on her bracelets and me on my knitting).

Our nephew, Nate, got a cool electrical circuit kit that can create over 300 different projects. Uncle Nate and little Nate spent time figuring out a few of the projects...and honestly, I'm not sure who enjoyed it more. Uncle Nate was pretty stoked.

The four Veerman kids in front of the tree (Caleb - 2, Nate - 6, Meg - 8, Kate - 4). This was before my sister and her family arrived.

My parents ("Grammy" and "Grampy") with all 6 nieces and nephews.

A group family photo, which we snapped just before Nate and I left for the airport. Literally...we have our coats on in the picture!

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