Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The common cold and my namesake

When I don't have a cold I completely take it for granted. The problem is that when I get a cold all of that goes out the window. It is one of those things that will sit in the background of life until it goes away constantly poking you and reminding you that there is something off. It lingers below the surface. I want to say something here that will redeem this little aside, but I am not sure that it is there or that it is real.

This leads me to the Namesake. (spoiler alert, I assume that you have seen the film, if you haven't - go see it, then we will talk) Bethany wanted to see this movie for a while and I was a little more cautious about it. I am not sure exactly why, maybe because I have an aversion to movies that will pull up deep emotions in me. I sorta knew that this film would. Here are some things that stood out to me.

The main character (Gogol) went on some what of a journey to discover his cultural heritage and ultimately himself. What was most facinating about this 'journey of discovery' is how normal it was. It involved falling in love and mourning the death of his father. I have often thought during 'pivotal times' in my life, "well here I am, this is supposed to be important." There was an emotional piece to it, but the truly profound discoveries of life have a way of sneaking up on you. The jump out of the fuzzy memories of life and suddenly cement themselves.

For instance, it was not a 'here comes a big moment' for me sort of thing when I went to a friend's wedding. It was his day, but for some reason God saw it fit that I would meet my future wife there. In that moment the memories I was creating had one significance, namely to share in my friend's joy, but now they have a completely other significance.

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