Friday, January 25, 2019

Ellie turns 5!

I can't believe Ellie's been in our life for 5 whole years already...sometimes it seem like only yesterday that we were terrified new parents bringing bringing a newborn home! In other way, though (as it is with many things in life), it also seems like she's been here forever, since I can hardly still imagine what our life was like without her. Ellie, we are so thankful for your sweet spirit, creativity, joyfulness, singing, dancing, silly-ness and caring heart. We can't wait to watch you grow and mature in the coming years! Happy birthday!

Here are some photo highlights from Ellie's several birthday celebrations earlier this month.

Chocolate chip muffins for breakfast

Posing with a favorite gift

Having cake as a family, after a long day at a water park

Ellie's birthday party with friends from Kindergarten - Paw Patrol Themed!

Craft time at the party

Opening gifts with friends

Ending with a pinata!

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