Thursday, December 20, 2018

2018 in Review

2018 has been a good year! Here are a few highlights from our family in 2018...

Ellie turned 4 and started her second full year in Kindergarten

Maya learned to walk and talk.

Ellie dressed up as a fairy for Fasching (Mardi Gras).

We attended our team retreat, with special speaker Landon Reesor from Darien, CT.

After a long, drawn-out journey with our previous car, we were blessed with a new vehicle

Nate turned 35! Wow, we're getting old :)

Our spring intern, Kendra, joined us for 2 months

The girls' friendship with each other began to blossom!

We attended our church's retreat. Our ministry continued at the church with small groups, music and discipleship

We flew to the U.S. for a summer of adventure, travel and sharing with churches and supporters.

We spent lots of the summer like this...

We went to a family reunion on the beach in NC.

We celebrated 4th of July at Nate's grandma's cabin in WI.
We visited 11 churches in 8 weeks! What a blessing it was to share an update with so many supporters!

We had a reunion with our 2016 interns!

We flew home in August and were happy to be back in our own beds!

We were thankful to return to our small group, which has grown to 4 families and 3 individuals.

Brian and Melissa joined our team and got their visas!

We took a trip to the mountains with Nate's parents.

Nate's parents explored a glacier with us!

Maya turned 2 and continued to be entertaining and fun-loving.


Our small group ministry (early steps towards church planting) continued. We baked cookies at Christmas for a ministry to prostitutes.

Beth got her visa! We celebrated!

Nate preached at Christmas time at our church.

We had our annual Christmas party and were thankful for many neighbors and friends attending!

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