Monday, February 6, 2017

Why Does Austria Need Missionaries?

Emily Roth visited us as part of the WorldVenture Media Team
We spoken and written a lot over the years about why Austria needs missionaries. It's a topic, though, that we regularly come back to because European countries are still in desperate need of more workers and for many Christians, it is still a new idea to consider Europe a mission field.

Last summer, a 2-person team of media interns from WorldVenture visited us and put together some great videos for use in recruiting and getting the word out about our ministry. (You can watch them here and here.) Emily from the team also took a lot of the ideas that we discussed and put them into a great article about Austria, which just went live in the WorldVenture website. We will post the beginning of the article here, but encourage you to read all of it by clicking the link at the bottom!

Why Austria Still Needs Missionaries
In a historically-Catholic country, WorldVenture workers follow God to plant a church.

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