Thursday, March 10, 2016


A really special part of our recent time in Ohio has been spending time with my "Grampydear". He is 89 years old this year, a World War II veteran and a man with an incredible heart and faith. It was really special to see him and Ellie spend time together for the first time.

Grampy is very healthy for his age (he says he has "no aches and pains"!) but he struggles with his eye sight and hearing. He tends to get quiet in group situations, but when you sit down one-on-one, he loves to laugh and tell stories. We had a really great time asking him about the war and his experience on a naval ship in the pacific. We asked him all about the business he started with his father back in 1949, a took & die company still going today. We heard stories about fishing, family and many things in between. Nate even sneakily recorded some of his stories so we would have them for years to come.

Grampy is an amazing man, and I'm so blessed to have him as a role model in my life. He legacy of faith in our family that he was a part of will always be an incredible blessing to me. Thank you, Grampy!

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