Friday, April 24, 2015

Our New Worship Space

As we've shared before, our church is moving to a new facility. Because Vienna is a city of catholic cathedrals and not evangelical churches, finding a new worship space typically means converting an empty facility into something suitable for a church. God was so faithful in providing us with a space that will be a great fit for our conrgegation. The new building....
  • has huge windows across the front, making it very visible to those walking by
  • is located in a residential area full of apartment building and pedestrian walkways. We hope to welcome and invite our new neighbors to join us!
  • has large space suitable for a sanctuary, which will accommodate at least 80 more seats than we currently have
  •  is a big, open, empty space which we can renovate to suit our needs
  • is located at the bottom of a building that has a swimming pool on the roof. We can do baptisms up there!
  • boasts lots of storage space
We are currently working with an architect and contractor to renovate the space. Here are some photos of it as it currently looks:

Where the sanctuary will be located
Several bathrooms, which will be renovated and expanded to meet code

An example of how the space will be laid out. This is an old plan, but you get the idea!
We are so so thankful for this space and look forward to seeing it transform over the next few months! Church members are currently donating their time to help with the renovations, scraping walls, painting, repairing and a whole lot more. This is a beautiful example of our community coming together and working together!

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