Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Special Family Visit

This morning, I did a heart-wrenching thing: I put my sister on the train to the airport and said goodbye. Saying goodbye to family never gets fact, I think it's been harder and harder for us as we've had Ellie. As she grows and learns, it is so sad for us to recognize that our family misses out on so many moments with her. We are so thankful to live and do ministry here, but living far from our family is the hardest part about it.

Thankfully, we are still able to have quality time with family when they come to visit. It was really special for me to show my sister around Vienna and to share my life with her. There is something unique about being able to see where and how we live, in order to better understand our ministry here and the blessings and challenges we face each day. Now, when I talk to her on the phone about church, friends, cultural differences or life here, she understands in a new way.

Ellie is old enough now that we were able to get out and see a lot of things with her. She did a great job of taking some naps in the stroller and exploring the city with us! Here are some photos from our time together:

Enjoying beautiful weather at the park

Happy 4th of July!

Exploring the city

Dinner and a movie, just Crista and I

Naschmarkt - open air market

The view from the top of the Vienna Aquarium

At church

Posing with "Mozart" in front of Sch├Ânbrunn Palace

The overlook at Kahlenberg

Swimming at an indoor pool

Crista bonds with our dog, Mozzy

Our last dinner together of homemade ravioli

Riding the swings at Prater Park - the highest in the world!