Friday, August 23, 2013

Capture Video Training

These last couple weeks, we had the privilege of hosting in our home a good friend and fellow WorldVenture missionary, Drew Hayes. Drew and Nate attended Moody together, and we were excited to learn a few years ago that Drew had become a mid-term missionary with WorldVenture. But Drew's ministry is a bit different from ours. Drew is a professional video shooter, editor and producer, specializing in the telling stories of what God is doing around the world in documentary-style short films. Drew is highly skilled and his work is a great gift to missionaries, enabling them to better share their stories with churches, supporters, friends and family back home. You can check out some of his videos here.

While Drew was in Vienna, he spent most of his two weeks utilizing the fast internet connection he doesn't have in Africa to edit and upload videos he'd been shooting over the last few months. But we also took advantage of the opportunity and asked him to teach a workshop called "Capture: Video Training for Missionaries".  We got together a group of four missionaries interested in shooting and editing their own videos, and Drew facilitated 2-1/2 days of training to give them the tools necessary to create their own videos. Drew was an excellent teacher and the missionaries came away better equipped! Nate and I served as planners/facilitators in setting up the workshop, getting the word out, and finding a place to meet. Overall, we were so thankful that this training came together.

Check our Drew's monthly update video below, where he talks about teaching the seminar here in Vienna.

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