Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Packing up again!

Yes, I know. You're probably reading the title of this post and you're confused. "Didn't you just arrive in England? Why would you be packing up again?" Do not fret. Today, we're packing our bags because we have the opportunity to travel to Ireland for a week and because our apartment in Lichfield is being rented while we're gone.

When we first found our apartment in England, there was one caveat - we could have it for the entire three months we were here except a week in February. Since we couldn't find any other options, we decided to rent the place and use the week to travel somewhere. We figured if we were going to have to pay for another place to stay, we might as well make it somewhere interesting!

We're thankful that the circumstances pushed us to take a trip. Who knows when we'll have another opportunity to visit a beautiful country like Ireland, especially so cheaply. Flights from London to Dublin are outrageously cheap on Ryanair, and we found fellow missionaries to stay with in Dublin and Galway (so we didn't have to rent something!). We feel very blessed to have the opportunity to take this trip affordably and to be able to get to know some fellow missionaries working in a European context.

We'll post photos of our trip to Ireland very soon!

Photo credit: keeshu from morguefile.com 

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