Sunday, February 5, 2012

Live from Renewal Conference

Bethany and I were in Colorado for 2 weeks going through training and attending WorldVenture's annual conference. It was a time of spiritual renewal and re-connection for current missionaries, appointed missionaries (that's us) and those who are exploring ministry with WorldVenture.  We hope you enjoy a peek into what our life has been like for the last few weeks.  We'll continue to write posts as we process through our experiences.


  1. Nate and Bethany, We never got to talk to you at Renewal Conference. Just wanted to say we like you blog. We are praying that you get your support and get over to Austria. Just wanted to say hello. I like to read blogs of other appointees going through a similar journey as us.
    Brandon Heersink

  2. Thanks so much, Brandon! We're sorry we never got to meet, but we're looking forward to following your blog and your journey to the field. You'll be in our prayers and I hope the Lord brings you to the field soon! Many blessings, Nate & Bethany


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