Monday, June 13, 2011

Speaking Well

It is here again, wedding season leaps into action right about... now.  And it doesn't feel that long ago that Bethany and I were walking through this same adventure together.  With friends getting married very soon and others just popping the question, weddings and new marriage advice floats through many of our conversations with friends.

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As I was flipping through my RSS reader recently I stumbled across this post from Michael Hyatt about speaking well of your spouse in public.  This post caught my attention because this was something that our marriage counselors had recommended to us and it is something we intentionally include in our conversations.  As we continue sharing with friends and family about our missions plans we include a section where we talk about our gifts, strengths and how we compliment each other in life and in ministry.  It encourages me to have a chance to speak well of Bethany and to hear her speak well of me.

What are are you intentional about for the health of your marriage?