Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Leap of Faith

Bethany and I watch a show called ‘The Amazing Race.’  If you have never seen the show, the premise is that teams of 2 race around the world accomplishing tasks that relate to the places they visit.  Most of the show is not getting lost and not killing one another in the process. 

On the last episode there was a situation that really got me thinking.  A couple was approaching the finish.  All they had to do was go down a waterslide (pictured above) and run across a beach to finish this leg of the race.  The first few minutes of this video show her completely paralyzed by her fear of heights and water. The video is in the full post.

When we first watched the video, it was pretty astonishing.  It isn’t often that you see someone at in their worst moments like that.  To see her stare her fear in the face and blink is interesting to watch.

But I think there are so many times when our decisions are shaped by fear.  Often it isn’t the large moments like this video depicts but smaller choices and smaller moments.  Do you think is a primary motivator in our culture?


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